Our Success Process

Why our customers keep coming back.

“We provide comprehensive and confidential  credit advice, personalised research reports  and  expert mortgage broking services  at  a time and place convenient to YOU.”

1. Initial Consultation

where we work with you to identify:

  • Your medium and long term finance goals
  • Your priorities and your key frustrations
  • What you ideally seek from your preferred lending partner

2. Research

Our team of experts then:

  • Ascertain your borrowing suitability
  • Research appropriate home loan options
  • Shortlist lending options that best suit YOU
  • Document and validate the recommendations

3. Follow up Meeting

At our final meeting we present our recommendations and proceed to:

  • Prepare, then submit your loan application
  • Actively manage the application process to ensure that all milestones are met in a timely fashion
  • Actively manage the settlement process to ensure that your loan settles on time

4. Client for Life

As a Lifetime Client, we guarantee to:

  • Check in with you 6 weeks after loan settlement
  • Maintain accurate, up-to-date, confidential records
  • Keep you up to date through our client newsletter
  • Complete a complimentary Annual Home Loan Health Check and make appropriate recommendations