What to bring to your Loan Interview

To prove your Identity:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport or Birth Certificate


To prove your Income:

Any 2 of:

  • Your last 2 consecutive payslips
  • Letter from employer (dated in the last month, on letterhead, with full contact details)
  • Your most recent Payment Summary (Group Certificate) and Tax Assessment Notice
  • If you have changed employment in the last year or you have other forms of income, a copy of your last 2 years Income Tax Returns and
    Tax Assessment Notices


To prove your self-employed Income:

  • Copy of last 2 years Income Tax Returns (BOTH personal and company returns & Tax Assessment Notices)
  • Copy of last 2 years Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements


If you receive rental income:

Any one of:

  • Copy of executed Lease Agreements OR Managing Agent’s Statements
  • Letter from Real Estate Agent detailing the potential market rental


Buying a Property:

  • Copy of the Contract of Sale
  • Copy of Deposit Receipt


If You’re Building:

  • Copy of Building Plans
  • Copy of Fixed Price Building Contract (detailing amount and timing of progress payments)
  • Copy of Building Specifications/Schedule of Finishes



  • Copy of loan statements for the last 6 months for ALL loans being refinanced (can include internet banking statements)
  • Copy of latest Rates Notice


Saving History:

  • A copy of your last 6 months savings statements
  • A Statutory Declaration from anyone providing a financial gift to assist with your purchase