Overseas Buyers

Loans For Overseas Buyers, Non-Resident Investors, Australian Expats & Temporary Residents

Obtaining a home loan can be a challenging experience for overseas buyers, non-resident investors, temporary residents, as well as Australian expats.

Majority of lenders had shut their doors to overseas buyers earning foreign income and non-residents investors. Many lenders and mortgage brokers finds this complex situation out of their league or receive too much scrutiny. They may be unsure how to get your home loan approved, or simply got a decline on your application because they don’t know any better, or the application is too tricky.

At First Choice Finance & Mortgage, we understand this complex lending situation, and offer expert advice for overseas buyers, non-resident expats, foreign investors and subclass holders purchase property in Australia.

We are here to help you get fast home loan approval, at a competitive rate.

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For Those Who Don’t Fit A Neat Little Box

Turned down for a loan ?

Are you having difficulty buying a property or refinancing your home loan because the banks refuse to help you?  Good news is, we are here to help and find you the solution and get ahead.

You’re not alone, and there are good alternatives. In fact did you know 1 in 5 loan applicants now require an alternative home loan solution. If you’ve been finding the banks won’t consider your application for finance – it doesn’t mean you’re out of options. We work with high quality alternative lenders you can trust.

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Common situations we can help with:

When you don’t tick the boxes

  • Didn’t meet LMI requirements
  • Didn’t pass credit scoring
  • Have been declined before
  • New Australian permanent residents

When you need a flexible solution

  • Multiple debts to consolidate
  • Need to pay out business debt
  • Need to pay out tax debt
  • Need cash out for business reasons

When you have problems in your credit history

  • You’ve been discharged from bankruptcy
  • You have late payments or mortgage arrears
  • You have defaults or judgements
  • You have Part IX & X debt agreements

When you can’t provide traditional documentation

  • You’ve been self-employed for less than 12 months
  • You are ABN registered for only 6 months
  • Your income is casual or part time employment
  • You receive income in the form of family payments or child support