Commercial Mortgages

In the Commercial Property Loan segment, our services include securing finance for commercial property investors, SME business owners (including hospitality and accommodation businesses).

We also specialise in the professional services sector such as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists as well as legal practitioners, accountants, engineers and others.

Why choose First Choice Finance & Mortgage for your Commercial Loans ?

The answer is pretty simple, business owners & professionals like yourself should focus on what you do best, i.e. your domain business and collaborate with financial experts like ourselves to assist you for the best financial solution outcome, especially that the commercial mortgage market environment is more complex and diverse than the residential environment.

When purchasing a commercial property (be it for own business use or investment purposes), we can’t emphasise enough that, finding the right lender with the right loan solution is the prerequisite for long-term wealth creation.

Let us assist you…  We offer you the benefits of strong relationships and extensive access to a wide network of lenders ranging from major banks, specialists non-bank lenders to private funding.

As the commercial mortgage professional, we will have better knowledge and connections to secure the best fit loan solution for your unique requirements.